Lydia Butz

Cleanup Artist Kelowna, Canada

I specialize in digital art and animation cleanup, but I have also enjoyed working with sculpture and traditional fine arts.
My early years were filled with a lot of fan art for Doctor Who and other pop culture pillars, and fan comics as well. (Many of those pieces are in this portfolio.)
In 2015 I moved from my native Canada to London, England, to seek out new and exciting opportunities. There, I collaborated on comic projects with artists such as Hamish Steele, and have done freelance work for studios like BlinkInk, Eye Present, and the BBC.
I moved back to Canada in 2017, and am currently working on a new original comic, 'Space Trash'.
I work freelance from my home studio in sunny Kelowna, BC.


Flix – Cleanup


Cleanup animator on a children’s animated pilot ‘Flix’. Working in Adobe Animate.

Macra Terror – Background Artist

BBC Worldwide

Background artist on an animated release of the Doctor Who serial ‘The Macra Terror’.

Xephos & Honeydew – Cleanup + Backgrounds

Eye Present

Background artist and cleanup animator on the pilot episode of ‘Zephos and Honeydew’ for the Yogscast. Worked in Adobe Animate.

Label Design

Meadow Vista Honey Wines

Designed labels for a range of honey wine products. Worked in Adobe Illustrator.

Dorothy Gale – Cleanup

Blink Ink

Short mood reel for a series pitch. Worked in Harmony/Toon Boom.

Tulipop – Cleanup

Blink Ink

Cleanup work on a children’s show pilot. Worked in Adobe Animate.

Facebook Germany – Cleanup

Blink Ink

Short ads for Facebook Germany. Worked in Adobe Animate.

Absolut Vodka – Animator

Blink Ink

Short animation for Pride month for Absolut Vodka. Worked in Adobe Animate.

Shada – Artist

BBC Worldwide

Created a traditional piece done in pencils for the release of ‘Shada’, a restored/animated Doctor Who serial.

Adidas ‘Here to Create’ – Cleanup

Blink Ink

Cleanup on multiple sequences and some additional animation. Worked in Adobe Animate.

I is Pig – Lead Cleanup

Blink Ink

All cleanup, and some additional bits of animation on a 3min short. Worked in Adobe Animate.