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Kaiju Groupie - Pacific Rim by Girl-on-the-Moon

Wee raptor. :D


Raptors and attempted Hiddleston. Gonna try sketching daily because yikes I need more practice. (And yes I know he does a good raptor impression before you point out that connection :P)


Learning to draw raptors.

Love tackling new stuff. :D

(Sketchbook pages are 3.5” x 5.5”)

Search for the Truth 62 by Girl-on-the-Moon



A few commissions that I’ve done so far!

You too can commission me! All the details are over here!

The Hero of (Down)time by Girl-on-the-Moon Added a background!
The Hero of (Down)time by Girl-on-the-Moon

Mutavore - Pacific Rim by Girl-on-the-Moon
KAIJU ARE SO COOL AND FUN TO DRAW. (The design is not meant to be screen accurate, I’m just having fun!)

King Ghidorah by Girl-on-the-Moon
My entry for hamishmash's God-Zine-La! KAIJU ARE SO COOL AND FUN TO DRAW AGH!